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Griselda and Nicolas are argentinean Tango Argentino dancers based in Berlin, Germany.

They met in the milongas of Bs As in 2012, started their project together in Berlin in 2016 and are currently European Tango Champions in Paris, France 2021, and European Tango & Milonga Champions, and Vice-Champions in Tango Waltz in Münster, Germany 2020.

Their regular courses take place in Berlin and are frequently invited for workshops and shows both in Europe and Argentina.

Their intimate and passionate dance respects and re-interprets the inheritance of various traditions. They define ourselves as tango dancers “al piso”.

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  • Simon
    Best teachers in Berlin without doubt. If you want real Tango take classes with tthem. Berlin is full of self-proclaimed Tango teachers who dance a year and then start to teach. Griselda and Nicolas are the real deal, authentic passionate, experienced maestros who have learnt from the best and are passing on the historic secrets to this amazing dance.
  • Olga
    Very nice, professional and attractive teachers. Tried different schools, and finally found the right one!
  • Stephen
    This is real life lead and follow. There’s a lot of dance in their dance, but they don’t crossover into vulgarity. It’s a good leader that makes you think the follower is in the spotlight the whole dance.

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